Established: May 27, 1962 at Floritans Society, Inc.
Dissolved: July 15, 1965; 18 clubs joined the American Health Alliance
Founding Members: Floritans, Sunny Acres and Tan Tans
Official Magazine: Essay (five issues known to have been published)
First ANA Convention: Sunny Acres, February 1963, two more followed in 1964 and 1965, held usually in February
Maximum club membership: 31 by 1964
First Board of Directors:
President: Hugh C. Lester
Vice-President: Richard Deckett
Executive Secretary: John E. Dawson
Recording Secretary: John Hennessee
Treasurer: Mary Dawson
Editor: Bill Piersall
Chaplain: Dave G.
Major event: Miss Godiva Pageant, April 10-11, 1965 at the Flamingo Country Club in Delray Beach, winner Cora Morris. Attendance: c. 1,000

(Source: Hugh Lester: Godiva Rides Again, Vintage, 1968)

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