1933 - 63

Τitle: Sunshine & Health, Vol. XXX, No. 11 , November, 1961
Subtitle: Official Organ of the National Nudist Council, Inc.
Publisher: Sunshine Publishing Co.
Editor: Margaret A. B. Pulis
Associate Editor: Ken Price
Contributing Editors: William McKeever, Carl Easton Williams, Jan Warren, Leslie Richards, John Elcar, Roylston Hale
Staff Photographers: Ken Price, Richard Shaw, Norm Cook, Elvin Carlisle, Lee Edmunds, Allen H. Allen
Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Frequency: Monthly
Format: 211x288mm (trimmed)
Pages: 36 single colour printed on matt paper including colour covers
Illustrations: 35 coloure & black and white plates, pictures and sketches
Front Cover Photo: N/A
Binding: Saddle-stapled
Weight: 107gr.

Single Copy: USD0.50
Subscription  rates (12 issues): USD5.00

(2) Potpouri (A Little of This and a Little of That)
(4) At the NNC Convention 1961 by Ken Price
(5) 1. Beginning at the Beginning
(10) 2. Looking Around
(16) Candid Camera
(18) 3. Convention Hi-Lites
(22) 4. Of This and That
(24) 5. At The NNC Helm
(27) National Nudist Council News
(31) Dear Editor
(32) Nudist Club Directory

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