Τitle: The Sundial, Volume 2, No. 2 (8), September 1962
Subtitle: The Magazine of Nudist Unity
Publisher: Elysium, Inc.
Editor: June Lange
Language: English
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Frequency: Bi-monthly
Format: 215x278mm (trimmed)
Pages: 48 single colour, duotone and full colour including colour coversIllustrations: 88 (black and white, duotone & colour) by Ed Lange, Suzie Latimer, et al.
Front Cover Photo: Kathy and Jean at Lupin Lodge by Ed Lange
Binding: Saddle-stapled
Weight: 144gr. Single Copy: USD 1.00
Subscription rates: (6 issues) USD 6.00, and USD 7.50 (first class mail)


(2) Nudist News and Letters
(6) A Nudist Goal: Youth Fitness by Dan Holland
(12) Ohio's Nudist Pioneers, The Bruins by Elvin S. Carlisle
(16) Sunny Heights by Richard Shaw
(21) Rain Lament by Suzie Latimer
(32) Nudist Hideaway at the World's Fair
(35) The Case of the Retired Painter by Suzie Latimer
(40) Central Sunbathing Association Directory of Clubs
(40) National Nudist Council Directory of Clubs
(43) American Sunbathing Association Directory of Clubs
(44) Our Cover Girls: Kathy & Audre

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